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Top air duct cleaning and repair services

If you want to know more about the best practical tips in cleaning air ducts, check them out here. You can also read about the significance of HVAC maintenance and how you can reduce energy bills.

How to reduce energy bills with HVAC maintenance

According to Air Duct Cleaning Alhambra every house or office, which doesn't engage in HVAC unit repair often, will lose approximately 30% energy and increase the bills. You can avoid such huge loss with monthly air filter cleaning but you must also clean the evaporator and condenser unit and, of course, remove dirt and bacteria accumulated in the ducts with air duct maintenance.

How often HVAC maintenance is necessary

Air filter cleaning is needed actually every month if you use the system daily. This way you can check its condition, too. HVAC unit repair will be needed once a year, usually in the spring or autumn. If you want better results, you must also clean the condenser unit and air ducts. If the HVAC system doesn't work fine, you will need air duct repair.

Professionals only

When you notice that the problems in your air duct system is already somewhat serious, only request the help of our air duct cleaning experts in Alhambra. While do it yourself projects may help, it is still better to look for professional assistance to avoid further problems from happening later on.

Utilize proper safety precautions before air duct cleaning

Remember that when you are performing maintenance on your air duct system, everyone in your home needs to be instructed on safety precautions. This includes using masks if there is a large accumulation of dust and dirt among others.

Permanent HVAC air filters require regular maintenance

Usually, they should be washed. Most models can be washed in the washing machine. Less often, they have to be washed by hand in cool water without detergent. Before getting a permanent filter, you should check to confirm that you can keep up with the maintenance requirements. The filters should be cleaned as often as recommended to do their job properly.

How dirty are your ducts?

You don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to get a sense for how dirty your air ducts are. You can remove the register and use a hand held digital camera with flash to take a few photos of your ducts. Just be careful you don’t drop the camera! Dirt and debris near the vents can be easily removed with a vacuum, but if you see a lot of buildup and gunk that’s beyond your reach, a professional cleaning may be in order.

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