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For air duct concerns, check these FAQs containing answers to common air duct troubles

What do I do with a defective ductwork?

There are times when after a thorough clean up your HVAC system seems to be still defective. According to experts at Air Duct Cleaning Alhambra, when after giving your HVAC a good thorough clean up and it does not work well, you have to check your ductwork for possible leaks. You could reseal your ductwork or totally replace it depending on the extent of the repair needed.

What is the air duct cleaning process that is most recommended?

One of the safe methods in air duct cleaning is the point of contact air duct cleaning method. This method makes use of a vacuum cleaner and an agitation machine. This method does not do the process mechanically. Whatever air duct cleaning process you choose, always remember that your health, comfort and safety depend greatly on the quality of air you have inside your premises.

Should I insulate the air ducts?

Insulated air ducts will protect the air moving inside the pipes and ensure that your temperatures indoors are the expected ones. Don't forget that good insulation materials will protect ducts from cracking and so you won't have sealing problems. Get assistance from the experts of our company in Alhambra for air duct coating repair.

Should I replace the air ducts?

If you own the house and your air ducts are in bad condition, it's preferable to proceed with air duct replacement instead of paying for air duct and cleaning. The quality of your life will change automatically according to Air Duct Cleaning Alhambra. Indoor air quality will improve and the energy bills will be reduced.

Is air in the ducts contaminated?

Air is contaminated already when it enters the ducts since it carries the dust and particles from the natural environment. Though, these particles are not harmful out in the open but when they come in contact with mold grown within ducts due to high humidity and over-concentrated dirt, they become hazardous for the health.

How is damage to the air ducts repaired?

The type and size of the damage will determine the solution. If there are a few small holes, they can be sealed with a material made for the purpose. If the damage is severe and affects a major section of the ductwork, air duct replacement will be required.

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