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Duct Replacement

Both the HVAC system and the dryer exhaust system use air ducts. They require proper cleaning on a regular basis in order to be functional, effective and safe. However, when the components are damaged, worn or ineffective, they have to be replaced.Duct Replacement in California

HVAC Maintenance

This should involve inspection of the ductwork in addition to cleaning the air filters and the condenser unit. The focus should be on the type and amount of dirt accumulated inside and on the condition of the surfaces. The inspection will determine the best course of action. While several holes can be fixed with proper seal repair, if there are many of them, new ducts will be required. Similarly, if the ductwork has suffered major damage due to water or mold, timely replacement is essential.

Air Duct Replacement

The choice of new ducts is essential. They should be strong and resistant to water damage and to temperature fluctuations. They should be of the highest quality. It is equally important for the size of the existing ductwork to be measured so that precisely matching new components can be installed. The installation of the new ducts requires precision so that the different sections are connected tightly and securely.  

Dryer Vent Replacement

The ductwork of the dryer exhaust system typically requires replacement more often. This is because most households use soft and flexible ducts made from plastic or foil. They are easy to bend and are prone to holes as well. The new duct should be easy to fit given the space available. The ones made from metal are the most durable. The fewer ridges they have, the lower the lint buildup rate will be. The duct has to be attached securely to the dryer and to the lint trap or outdoor box.

Air Duct Cleaning

No matter what the age of the ducts is, they require proper cleaning on a regular basis. The ones belonging to the HVAC system tend to accumulate dust, dirt and pollen. The accumulations have to be loosened and then extracted. If there is mold, chemical treatment should resolve the problem. Sanitizing helps to prevent future mold growth. Among the latest methods, you will find the setup of UV cleansers which produce UV light at special wavelengths to break down all microorganisms.

Our company is always available to provide professional duct replacement services. Our core specialty is the cleaning of air ducts, but when they are in poor condition, the best option is the installation of new ones. We work with absolutely all types of ductwork. Factors such as size, make and age are irrelevant to us. Count on us at Air Duct Cleaning Alhambra to complete the work successfully in the shortest possible time.

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