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HVAC Unit Cleaning

When you clean your air duct system, you’re helping it do its job more efficiently and preventing the premature failure of its components. What’s more, you’re providing cleaner air to your loved ones. What could be more important than that?

Cleaning of Filters and Vents

HVAC Cleaning ServicesIf you fail to clean your filters and vents regularly, you are making your unit work harder and for longer periods of time than it should. What happens is dirt and dust build up over time thus restricting the airflow. The poorer the airflow, the longer it takes your system to reach the desired temperature and the harder it has to work to maintain it. And another thing: dirty filters actually can’t filter out anything! Our experts will thoroughly clean everything and make sure you are no longer exposed to various contaminants and allergens.

Dust Build-up on Internal Components

Dust can travel everywhere and settle on any surface. The trouble is, when it coats the working components, it makes them less efficient and more prone to overheating. As you already know, reduced efficiency leads to longer and more strenuous work, which in turn leads to the premature failure of components. Our trained technicians will give each component a good cleaning, so you can expect lower energy bills.

Unblocking Zone Dampers

Cleaning the ductwork is especially important after a remodeling project, because a large amount of debris will end up in there and block the circulation of air. Whether there is a physical obstruction in your ductwork or one of the zone dampers got stuck closed, our team will fix the problem, sanitize the ducts and restore the airflow throughout your home.

As you can see, keeping your HVAC system clean will benefit you in more ways than one. Don’t spend your money on high energy bills and HVAC repairs - give us a call and enjoy much cleaner and healthier air!

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