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Dryer Vent Cleaning and Maintenance

07/31/2016 Back To Blog

As you know, the dryer releases hot steamy air when working. This air goes through an exhaust vent with several other components attached to it. Since the air carried lint which gets build up over time, regular dryer duct cleaning is required. The entire exhaust system requires proper maintenance too. Find out what these two jobs involve.

Proper Inspection for Damage Is Key

It pays off to check the external components of the system first. The exterior cover is easy to inspect. Watch out for bent, chipped and broken sections. If such damage is present, it is best if the cover is replaced. Since this component is typically made from plastic, it may get brittle over time due to exposure to the sun’s UV rays. If this happens, the component should be replaced right away. This kind of dryer vent repair is quite important. If the cover is in poor condition, you can have all kinds of pests getting inside. Some homeowners have found even bird nests inside.

The duct itself should also be checked for damage before cleaning. The rigid metal ducts are the most durable and reliable followed by their semi-rigid counterparts. Even if there is damage, the component should be fixed right away. If the damage is too great, air duct replacement will be the only solution. 

What does air duct cleaning actually involve? The lint built up inside the dryer duct is removed with the use of special tools. They require skilled operation so that all the fibers can be picked up and extracted. The optimal cleaning frequency depends on various factors with the main one being how much you use the appliance.

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