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Do You Breathe Clean Air?

11/17/2013 Back To Blog

Getting away for the weekend is not only a way to escape from problems but also a way to enjoy fresh environments. People get every chance they have to be close to nature and away from the contaminated urban areas. This is one of the main reasons suburbs were developed and people started appreciating the benefits of clean atmospheres. The problem is that they spend most time in confined spaces and the indoor air quality home or at work is not always good. Experts at air duct cleaning Alhambra insist that several health problems are the result of contaminated environments and the quality of the indoor air is determined by the frequency ducts are cleaned.

Repercussions from lack of duct maintenance

  • Health problems are usually obvious since polluted indoor atmospheres result to headaches, red eyes and some people may develop various forms of allergies and respiratory issues. HVAC maintenance is very important because the contaminated air comes from the dirty ducts. Closed spaces stop breathing properly and are filled with bacteria and germs.
  • Air filter cleaning is an easy procedure and must take place frequently. Good filters will prevent dirt from entering into your room and the environment will be cleaner. It is self-evident that when the ducts are filthy, filters would manage to withhold only partial proportion of dirt travelling with air. For this reason, air duct cleaning is presupposed and it is the most important step for healthy environments.
  • When the ducts are damaged, you will also lose energy because air will escape towards other directions. It's preferable to spend some money in air duct repair instead of paying the electricity double without effective results.

The best solution is regular cleaning

  • You must clean the filters at least once a month.
  • If you can remove the vent covers, you can use the hose of the vacuum cleaner to sweep off the dirt from the ducts. You can also wipe off possible signs of mold.
  • It is wise to ventilate the property often by keeping the windows open and keep the whole house spotless to avoid having bacteria dancing in the air.

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